Lt. Tim Keirn Commended for Quick Action

Bryan Fitzpatrick, district commander for Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services, shared this note about Acadian paramedic Tim Keirn.

Here’s what happened: On his way home from work Sunday, Tim, a dispatcher in the Austin Communications Center, saw a person on the shoulder of US 183. He stopped to help, immediately recognized that the person was in cardiac arrest and began to administer CPR. When Austin Fire Department first responders arrived, he continued to assist with patient care. The patient was placed on a cardiac monitor and rapidly defibrillated, resulting in a quick return of spontaneous circulation after only one shock. The patient was transported in critical, yet improving, condition.

“On behalf of myself and the Austin-Travis County EMS Department, I would like commend Paramedic Tim Keirn for his actions during the course of this call and his overall dedication to the profession of pre-hospital emergency medicine,” Bryan wrote. “His willingness to stop and care for this patient on his own time on the side of a very busy highway reflects the very best qualities that we as pre-hospital emergency responders strive for.”

Thank you so much for sharing this, Bryan. We appreciate the kind words about Tim, and we’re very proud of him and his quick actions.

Lt. Tim Keirn has been a member of CTFR for over a decade.

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